Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh My Little One

How is it when I look into your eyes
I see the whole world at its finest?
the worries of worldliness drip away
I feel renewed

How is it during your times of struggle,
I become my greatest self,
My weaknesses become strong

How is it that even when challenges await you,
your sweet simplicity and pure love shines through
and your teaching becomes far greater than what I could ever teach you

How is it when I touch your tiny fingers
that tenderness fills my entire being
and suddenly I know what matters most

How is it, though so small and perhaps insignificant to the world,
you reach a person's heart and help them see their very essence

How is it that my greatest trial, has become my greatest joy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Robbie's hand surgery

Today Robbie is having surgery on his right hand.
He was born with syndactyly on his 2nd and 3rd digits.
The surgery entails separating the two fingers and grafting some skin from the right part of his hand.

It is about a two hour surgery.

We were also able to get Robbie's ENT doctor to look at his ears and insert tubes, if needed. This was not in the original plan, but I decided to ask and it worked out. (Tender mercies)


We just got word that the surgery is complete and went well. Dr. Hutchinson was very optimistic. Now we are just waiting to see him.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For Every Action There is a Reaction: Newton’s Law

This is what my seven year old told me today and here is how it unfolded.

This weekend we went and visited Steve and Alina for Memorial Day vacation. Steve just published a book called Your Superpowers. It is aimed toward the youth to reveal the great powers that already exist within themselves and how to unleash them.

Steve read the first chapter with my children and I am amazed how my oldest son, Adam, has taken it to heart. Just knowing these principles has changed his behavior.

For example, this morning Adam needed to wake up at 6:00 in order to get ready for his cello lesson at 6:45am. He was tired because we had driven home from Idaho last night. Instead of complaining and continuing to sleep in, he got right out of bed, got dressed and did all the things he needed to do before it was time to leave. I did not have to remind him. (Wow!) Since he had been so efficient of accomplishing his morning tasks he had some extra time. Happily, he hopped into my bed, snuggled next to his baby brother, and rested until everyone else was ready. It was awesome! No reminders. No nagging! It all happened because he was using his first superpower . . . his brain.

Well the use of that super power brain continued to manifest its power as he had his cello lesson.

His teacher would ask, “What do you think appassionato means? “
Instead of giving up because he didn’t know or just blurting out the first thing that came to mind Adam stopped and studied the word on the page. “Passionate,” he said.

This continued time and again as the lesson progressed. It was amazing! Questions like “What is the key of this piece” and “How many Suites did Bach write for his Unaccompanied Cello Suites?” became only a matter of thought. It was not until halfway through the lesson that I realized what was happening. Adam was tapping into the superpower he had read about with Uncle Steve.

After the lesson I told Adam that I could see his superpowers coming out! He was kind of surprised.

“What do you mean?” he responded with some excitement in his voice. I then related everything I had noticed that morning. Then a discussion unfolded about the power of choice. It was one of the best conversations I have ever had with my seven and six year old.

These are the principles that came to mind as we discussed on the car ride to school:

1. For every action there is a reaction:
There is no emotional tie to this. It just simply is. It is a law that exists. (Thanks Newton) So if you are frustrated with something, instead of getting all emotional about it, look at it from the law perspective.
I began to relate this law to my own thinking.

Example: My house is messy because it is the affect of any or all of the following
a) It is not well organized b)Things are not picked up.

How easy is that? Instead of focusing on the fear that I do not have enough time to clean my house or that I have several young children and it is difficult to keep up, I realize that is simply a cause and effect. I have the choice to either fix it or let it be.

Wow! This is such a freeing way to look at everything in my life.

2. We are Free to Choose:
In the scriptures we learn that we can “cheer up our hearts” because we are free to choose. What a glorious thing. We get to use our first superpower, our brain, to bring this joy into our lives (and others). Choice is powerful, so powerful that there was an entire war in heaven about it.

The Adversary wants to diminish our superpowers, so we cannot use them. Taking away choice, takes away our superpower. Taking away our superpowers takes away our ability to become greater and more like God. No wonder the Adversary wanted to take away choice, so he would have supremacy over us, not letting us realize and exercise the great powers that are god- given.

We talked about addictions that can take away our superpowers such as drugs, pornography and even computer games. (Can you believe talking to your six and seven year old about these things in such a natural way?) My children added their comments as they made connections to these truths.

“That is why we can only play one hour of computer games a day.” Adam commented, making the connection of why we have such rules.

We talked about that even having an obsession of good things can throw us off course. We need balance in our lives. “Some work and some play” Adam piped in.

We reached the school. I watched as Adam grasped some change from our car in his hand. The money was going to be used for the school fundraiser, helping to buy books and supplies for a sister school in Africa. What a great experience this car ride had provided. (It had been the “vehicle” to discuss superpowers.)

Adam hopped out of the car and headed toward the school. He walked a little taller that day, knowing that great powers lie within.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten

Chattering feet
a smile and hello
we take a seat
Parents sitting with their Kindergartners
the walking report card begins

My son smiles up at me
amazed that it is only the threesome - Mom Dad and him
(not the usual pack of noise and scurry that flurries the house)
no pressure, no have to's just simply us

I watch as he writes his name, excitement flashing in every stroke
"Look at me, Mom" his face tells it all
"Come into my world of wonder and simplicity"
Ah, the life of a Kindergartner!
counting skittles, creating patterns, showing off artwork with pride

The piano chord sounds, the program begins
Oh how I love that toothless grin
Songs , smiles, dancing too
The chicken dance like you have never seen
And now their final song . . .

Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
in Kindergarten in Kindergarten
Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
To last my whole life through

Hold hands and stick together
Share everything play fair
Put your things back where you found them
clean your mess when you are through
Say you're sorry and live the golden rule

Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
in Kindergarten in Kindergarten
Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
To last my whole life through

Some art a little music
the numbers and the letters from A to Z
Make good choices do your best work
Discover your own world
Share a smile and be the best that you can be

Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
in Kindergarten in Kindergarten
Oh everything I learned I learned in Kindergarten
To last my whole life through

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello, Neighbor!

There is nothing like seeing the ambulance pull up to your neighbor's home that gets you thinking about life in a real way. Suddenly all of the practicing, cleaning, and disciplining seems to fade and the serving and loving, and spending time with people is magnified.

There were times I should have said "Hello, Neighbor" and I didn't because of silly reasons such as,"they look busy," "maybe they don't want to be bothered," "I am running late." I look back and think those reasons are not reasons at all, they aren't even poor excuses.

About a week an a half ago I woke up to a very clear thought. It was 4am in the morning and all I could think about was having my aunt and uncle go visit these dear neighbors who they had known for much of their life. I could not sleep because the thought was so pressing. Finally I was determined to make this happen, no matter what the "but's and if's and how's that seemed to creep in; it would just have to be done. So one week ago these two dear friends embraced with tear-filled eyes and they reminisced a bit about life.

What if I had not acted and just continued to make up "logical" excuses of why this would be difficult? What if I continued to put it off and thought that it would be easier for all parties to do this when the weather warmed up? It has been exactly one week from that precious reunion and today that dear neighbor was transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

There is definitely a Master Orchestrator at work. I just hope that I will hear the great masterpiece even when the dynamic is piano. Otherwise, I am missing a great deal of beauty in the work of life.

So next time you see your neighbor make sure you say, "Hello, Neighbor."