Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh My Little One

How is it when I look into your eyes
I see the whole world at its finest?
the worries of worldliness drip away
I feel renewed

How is it during your times of struggle,
I become my greatest self,
My weaknesses become strong

How is it that even when challenges await you,
your sweet simplicity and pure love shines through
and your teaching becomes far greater than what I could ever teach you

How is it when I touch your tiny fingers
that tenderness fills my entire being
and suddenly I know what matters most

How is it, though so small and perhaps insignificant to the world,
you reach a person's heart and help them see their very essence

How is it that my greatest trial, has become my greatest joy!

1 comment:

Cristie said...

You have captured the essence of our little precious guy. Thank you!